Monday, 20 May 2013

21 weeks bump update

I've been feeling a little bit guilty that I'm over half way along in this pregnancy and I have not done a single update. I don't really have a good reason for this other then the extreme tiredness and a toddler who keep me busy all day. Still as they say better late then never!

So I have reached the over half way mark in the pregnancy. I cant quite believe how quickly this pregnancy is going compared to Riley's. Perhaps the lack of sickness has helped .... win!

We went for our 20 week scan last week and it was amazing. Everything is fine and baby was moving lots. We get to see him suck his thumb and scratch his bum! We found out we are expecting another little boy and I am so happy. Not that I wouldn't have loved a little girl but I was secretly hoping baby would be a boy. I think its going to be so lovely to have two little boys so close in age. Riley will have a little brother to grow up with and the thought of them growing up together makes me so happy.

Since 19 weeks I've been feeling lots of lovely movements. They were mostly at night but now I feel bub moving all the time. I've even been feeling them from the outside which has been so nice I tried to get Steve to feel but he's convinced he cant feel a thing. This baby seems to be more active then what I remember Riley being at this point. It truly is the best feeling in the world.

I have an appointment tomorrow with a new midwife at a new hospital  which I'm quite looking forward to. It's not for anything special just a booking in check up type thing.

It's a ....

Last weekwe had our 20 week scan and found out were expecting our second little BOY!!!
Riley is going to have a little brother and I couldn't be happier.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Here we go again ....I'm pregnant!

 Baby number to is well on the way and due September 23rd 2013.


We had a private scan on Saturday 23th March - 2 years to the day that we had our first scan with Riley - freaky. I was 13+5 and everything is hunky dory. Baby was very active and had a nice strong heartbeat. Roll on September and the arrival of our new addition - I actually cant wait!!!

Monday, 7 January 2013

A walk in the park




Check out that crazy fog. Hard to believe these pictures weren't taken in the early morning. On Sunday we decided to go to our local park and recreation ground. We played in the park, we fed the ducks and even walked around an old manner. I loved our little stroll in the park, it cost us nothing and Riley was happy the whole time.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Meeting Santa


Yesterday we took a little trip to the farm to go and see someone very special .... SANTA!
That's right we took Riley to meet Santa for the first time. As you can tell he wasnt very pleased about it.
We had such a lovely time looking at the Christmas tress and pretty decorations. We even found Rudolf down the farm.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

chocolate and banana cakes

Today I made some really yummy banana and chocolate cakes. They were really easy and super quick to make and the best part was I did it all with one bowl. So here's the recipe.

*2 eggs
*100g butter
*100g self raising flour
*100g soft light brown sugar
*1 over ripe squishy banana
* chocolate chips.

Pre heat your over to 160 or gas mark 4, and line a cake tin with paper cases.
Mix together the sugar and butter. Make sure your butter is super soft that way it will blend quicker and easier. Once combined add the eggs, flour and banana. Again mix until combine. Spoon a generous amount of the mixture into paper case - I found I got plenty for 12 really good sized cakes. To finish sprinkle with the chocolate chips.
Cook in the over till golden. Mine took roughly 24minutes till cooked.